15 September 2010

Grab your boots we're going for a wander!

This morning I've been at my desk for a good few hours supposedly getting on with some paperwork. However, I received a couple of e-mails and a few tweets on Twitter that resulted in me opening up my photo file to check a few things out. Being easily distracted I then decided to share with you, especially those of you who have not yet been to Plas y Nant, a few of my favourite photos taken in and around the grounds. So, lace up your walking boots - we're off for a wander.

We'll start near the top of the drive and make our way down to the pond stopping first to look at this unusual object. I can't work out if it is an old sundial, bird bath or fountain but I am sure someone will let me know soon. It's set in it's own little garden which includes a small memorial to a previous Plasite.

Working our way down from here if we stop and look back we'll get a glimpse of the main house nestled in the undergrowth.

Moving on down we'll come across Pops and Smidge in the pond.

But I've just heard a toot so we'll leave them where they are for now and walk on to the boundary. Hopefully we've timed it right.

This is one of the Welsh Highland Railway trains that runs from Caernarfon to Pont Croesor via Beddgelert, eventually it will go all the way to Porthmadog. The exciting part of this for me is that we have our very own halt called - not surprisingly - Plas y Nant Halt. What's even more exciting is that last week I discovered that Plas y Nant Halt had it's very own Facebook page at http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Plas-y-Nant-railway-station/129918133715961. It doesn't have many fans yet so maybe we could rectify this! 

We'll make our way back up now to the chapel and pop in and have a look at one of the stained glass windows.

As you can see this has managed to survive the vandals - even though they had a go at the metal bar.

Now that we've had a breather we'll make our way up a fairly gentle slope to an area that was known as Rapture Heights. Have a rest on the slate bench that I believe was put here as a memorial to Auntie Lena

and take in the breathtaking view of Llyn Cwellyn.

I have it on good authority that Rapture Heights was so called because the first person you went up there with was the person you would marry and apparently many a Plasite proposal took place up there. Wouldn't it be lovely if some of our guests proposed there as well and then came back and got married in the chapel!

Time to move on and make our way back down the path from Rapture Heights - take care as it's at bit precarious in places at the moment!

We'll make our way round the back of the main house and have a quick look at one of our waterfalls that is also our water supply.

Well now you've had a quick flying visit around Plas y Nant grounds and hopefully it's tempted you to come back and see it for real when we eventually open!


  1. What a lovely post. I didn't even get wet on our walk and it's raining outside. Can't wait while the place opens.

  2. Thank you, I'm pleased you enjoyed the walk. The sun always shines at the virtual Plas y Nant!

  3. I would like to reserve a spot for a bench to be marked "in memory of Uncle Paul". I would like a nice a view and for it to be handy for the bar, with waiter service. No rush, sometime in the next thirty years or so!

  4. You pick the spot and I'll happily wait thirty years or more!

  5. Loved this walk back in time and was so pleased to see the memorial slate bench remembering the inspirational Auntie Lena