19 January 2013

Even more snow!

After you left yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed so grab your hats, gloves, boots etc and we'll pop out and have another look.

18 January 2013

15 January 2013

An air of anticipation hangs around the place

It's all quiet up here at Plas y Nant but not for much longer as the first of the workmen arrive next week.  As usual there's a lot been happening in my office, though, and as I'm about to get even busier with one thing and another we've now employed a gardener. You can't imagine what a relief that was for me, especially after all the extra work that now needs doing to repair the grounds after the floods.

6 January 2013

Happy New Year and what a New Year it will be!

Happy New Year to you all! Last year flew by but I have a feeling that this one will fly by even quicker as the major work is definitely about to get underway. It's so exciting here at the moment, I'm counting the days till the demolition team arrive and then I know we've really started. Now I know some of you are probably thinking "why are they demolishing things, surely a bit of polyfilla (other plaster repair materials are available!) and a coat of magnolia will soon sort things out", well come with me and I'll show you. Oh by the way, it's definitely a hard hat area now so pop them on before we go in.

1 November 2012

Would you like to have a little look inside?

I think it's about time I took you inside Plas y Nant, though be warned - it's not a pretty sight currently. Make sure you're wrapped up warmly because it's freezing in there and mind your head as the ceilings are a bit dodgy.

16 October 2012

How to relax the Cattrall way

Hopefully, one day, Plas y Nant will be up and running as a hotel with the result that weekends will be very busy. Therefore, at the moment we try and make sure that weekends now are spent relaxing quietly here or popping out and about enjoying Snowdonia. When I say "relaxing" you might conjure up images of being curled up in front of the fire with a good book after a long walk or maybe watching a DVD or simply just sitting and chatting about nothing in particular. That's not how we do relaxing here!

2 October 2012

Scorpions in the log pile

Never a dull moment here at Plas y Nant.  There we were last night sat round the woodburner all cosy watching Dragons' Den - one of those Dragons looks more and more like a Pantomime Dame each time I see her - when Smidge shot up and started careering round the room like a lunatic. The other two dogs looked up nonchalantly, decided they were too comfy by the fire to join in so went back to sleep.  We tired to ignore her for a few minutes thinking she'd get bored and settle down but after she'd crashed into the coffee table and nearly sent our drinks flying I thought I'd better investigate what was up with her.