18 January 2013

Wrap up warm....

because we'll have a quick look round the garden in the snow.
As you can see, we've had a good amount already and it's still snowing.

Ooh quick, look to your right and you'll see one of my new pets.

I do feel sorry for them in the snow but I don't think I'd be very popular if I brought them in to warm up in front of the fire. We'll make our way up past the annexe now.

If we turn round we can see our footprints in the snow.

Right, we must keep moving because it's so cold. I do think the snow makes the chapel look lovely.

Up round the corner and there's our cottage.

Look to your left now and there's the path up to Rapture Heights - sorry, we're not going up there today.

We'll wander on up past the cottage and have a quick look at the waterfall.

Here we are back at the cottage - fancy a panad?


  1. And the tennis court behind 'The cottage' ( Everest)? probably completely overgrown by now.

    1. The tennis court is still there behind the cottage and not overgrown at all.

  2. Great photos.

    I have a lovely black and white photo of the "Rec" (AKA the Chapel) in the snow, which hangs in my hall.

    Peter the Plasite

    1. Glad you like the photos Peter. There was a near miss with the chapel and a delivery van this afternoon - could have been disastrous!