19 January 2013

Even more snow!

After you left yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed so grab your hats, gloves, boots etc and we'll pop out and have another look.

Look at the view of Mynydd Mawr from the cottage. Yesterday during the blizzards the mountain completely disappeared.

Walk forwards and peer round to the left - isn't that stunning? Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to get a better view.

Look to your right and you'll see my pet sheep again across the stream in our woods. They were really noisy yesterday in the snow - don't think they were too impressed.

We didn't go up Rapture Heights yesterday but we will today. As you can see it's very snowy on the path.

Just look to your left now at that view, we really are surrounded by mountains here.

On we go along the path and there's the chapel to your right through the trees.

Here we are at the steps up to Rapture Heights. These are precarious at the best of times but even worse when they're covered in snow so follow me carefully up them. That reminds of me when we went to buy a building plot in Portugal and it was all covered in scrub and hidden obstacles.  The estate agent turned to us and said "Walk like me" so we did which resulted in fits of giggles - but that's another story and you had to be there really. Up we go.

For those of you who've not been up here before this is why I dragged you up. A wintry Llyn Cwellyn. I love it up here, I often come up here to remind myself why I'm doing all this.

When you've had a good look at the view we'll carefully make our way back down.  There's our cottage through the trees and the delightful red container. I can't wait for that to be removed once all the building work is finished.

At the bottom of the path we'll turn left and make our way down the drive past the chapel looking lovely in the snow.

There's Plas y Nant itself, thankfully that carbuncle on the front is getting demolished in the next couple of weeks. What a transformation that will be.

The steps down to the garden have completely disappeared in the snow. These are a bit ramshackle as well but are about to be rebuilt and the planters painted - weather permitting!

You can just about see the pond at the bottom from here, complete with it's extra islands.

Take care going down the drive, next time I see you hopefully some demolition will have taken place. Till then don't forget to check out the Facebook page for any progress updates.

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