12 October 2010

The man from Snowdonia ....

.... he say YES!

In case you're wondering what I'm on about - we've finally been granted planning permission.  It seems to have taken forever and I thought it would never happen but now we can go ahead and complete the transformation of Plas y Nant.  In a few weeks the builders will move in, appear to destroy the place and then hand over to me the finished empty shell for decorating and dressing up. Let the fun begin.

I've attached copies of our floor plans and elevations for those who'd like a sneak preview. The elevations show how Plas y Nant will look after all the phases have been completed, the ground and first floor plans show how it will be when we open in Spring 2011.

Click here to see the elevations, click here to view the ground floor and click here to choose your bedroom.

Now, if you'll excuse me I've got a bit of work to do!


  1. Many congratulations on gaining planning permission - the plans look great and Plas y Nant will be a fantastic place to stay. As "the other bidder" from last year I still feel sad not be be involved but looks like you are doing a great job. What are your plans for the Chapel?

  2. Thanks Rob for your comments, hopefully there are no hard feelings and maybe you'll pop in and see the place when we eventually open. We have many plans for the Chapel flying around in our heads at the moment but we're hoping to reinstate the wedding licence as we've had a few requests already. We've also had a couple of enquires regarding Humanist Weddings which would be wonderful if they were held in the grounds - on a dry day of course!

  3. My family and (25 of us) were some of the last visitors to Plas in August 2008. Two years before we had also had a family holiday week there (35 of us that time). Personally I have many memories going back to 1951. It is great to see that you are going to reopen next spring, and if possible my wife and I would very much like to at least call in again one day.
    Philip Bowcock

  4. We do hope you will call again Philip and we look forward to welcoming you to the "new" Plas y Nant when hopefully you will share some of your memories with us.