16 September 2011

A second tour of what will be our cottage

It's been a busy couple of weeks since you were last here at Plas y Nant - quite eventful as well during the gales - and, from what the builders have told me, next week onwards is going to be even busier. I'll take you on a quick look round now whilst they've disappeared for the weekend.

The first thing you'll obviously notice is that we now have scaffolding up.

This is because we're about to have a new roof, well when I say new we're salvaging as many of the slates as we can. Before you all start saying that you don't think there's anything wrong with the existing roof just follow me round the corner and have a look at this.

Unfortunately that's not the only hole. Granted this roof is in much better condition than the one on the main house but we thought it would be good to have a roof that didn't leak.

Right, hard hats on now as we're going in.

At first glance there doesn't seem to have been much happening in here but since your last visit all the timbers have been sprayed and the walls tanked to treat and eradicate the horrible damp problem that this building had.

Also the old toilets have now been removed from what will be my new kitchen

and my kitchen cabinet maker has been up to take his final measurements and he has now started making my new kitchen in his workshop - I'm so excited about that as life in the caravan kitchen is certainly difficult!

We'll make our way through the building now, but we'll have to squeeze past the insulation boards which have just been delivered - you can never have too much insulation.

Not much to see in the study so we'll carry on into the bedroom where you will notice that the partitioning has gone up to create the walk-in wardrobe 

and en-suite bathroom.

Everything's in place now for the electricians and plumbers to come 1st fixing and hopefully then it will all progress quite rapidly - fingers crossed.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tour, I know there wasn't that much to see this time. Next time you might get to see some wires and pipes - how exciting will that be!

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