13 February 2012

Something's changed

No - you're not imagining it, the blog's had a bit of a makeover. I sat down to do the accounts and thought that there must be something more interesting to do on the computer instead.

First, I had a look through eBay at some antique furniture but this thoroughly depressed me because furniture that I recognised as being trendy, new and modern when I was younger is now being classed as antique. I can cope with things from my childhood being described as retro but antique is just too much to handle - especially as I turn another year older in the next couple of weeks.  So, after a panad and a chocolate biscuit to cheer myself up I decided that the blog needed a bit of a change. To be honest I never thought that the blog would survive a couple of months when I started it or that you would keep popping back to read it - but I'm glad you do - so I thought it could do with a bit of a freshen up.  I've also changed the Facebook link button, on the right hand side, which takes you straight to Plas y Nant's very own Facebook page. I'm sure you've already been there but if you haven't and you do you'll find photos, links to various bits and pieces and even more of my ramblings.

Well, can't put it off any longer, I've got to get back to these accounts. Maybe I'll have another panad first.


  1. Are you at the point yet where you've set a potential opening date?

  2. We have a date in mind but are keeping it quiet at the moment in case our plans change or are delayed yet again. Have no fear though - as soon as it's definite I will certainly be shouting it from the mountain tops!