5 September 2012

Three years of madness

Doesn't time fly - it's been a while since we've chatted on here. I'm sorry to say that I seem to have neglected the blog but as some of you will know I've been posting bits and pieces on Plas y Nant's Facebook page.

I find it hard to believe that it's actually three years since we signed a piece of paper, which must have legally declared us insane, then handed the biggest bunch of keys I've ever seen and told that Plas y Nant was now ours to do with as we wished. Blimey! Sometimes I think that we haven't achieved much during the past three years but then looking back I realise what a few years it's been. Our family dynamics have changed considerably bringing heartache and readjustment but also many happy times especially with the addition of Alfie to our boxer family. We've battled with the planners, I've personally battled with the bats, and we're still battling with the builders over the renovation of our cottage.  When we first took ownership of Plas y Nant we realised that we also had to work hard to clear the bad name it had attracted due to the mountain of debt, especially with local businesses, but we think we're getting there now.

So you may well be wondering what we've been up to recently - no, well I'll tell you anyway! We've had a few problems with the builders during the cottage renovation but hopefully we're nearing a resolution. However, we had originally intended to use the same builders for the main house but luckily we tried them out on the cottage first and have now realised that we need to go out to tender for different builders. This delay has yet again given us the opportunity to rethink our designs and concepts for the hotel and I think I must be driving the interior designer as insane as I already am as I've now dramatically changed my ideas for the interiors. David is keeping the architect busy knocking down walls, moving corridors, changing stairs and windows to the point where it might be better to knock the whole thing down and start again.

The garden is progressing slowly but surely. I'm doing well with slugs and snails and my brambles and nettles have come on a treat this summer. It has been particularly wet, my QS said to me yesterday that he's found it a bit difficult playing golf in wellies and I don't think I've had many days when I haven't worn wellies myself. That said, this week has been glorious so far so maybe Summer is finally here. I'm hoping to get the cast iron planters on the steps painted by the weekend so fingers crossed we have a few consecutive dry days - that will make a change. We've chopped down all the laurel hedging along the drive and the views as you come up there now are stupendous. You can clearly see the Welsh Highland steam trains as they chug through Plas y Nant Halt.

Well it looks like it's going to be a while before we're ready for our first guests but if you want to come and sample the delights of Snowdonia and wave at the steam trains part of the Lodge has been converted, by Ian and Karen, into self catering accommodation. Their website for the Lodge is http://www.thelodgeplasynant.co.uk

I'm off now to squish some slugs and lose myself in the garden for a few hours. Till next time....

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