2 February 2011

Going to the chapel

A comment was left on my last post which has resulted in a flurry of e-mails asking about our little chapel and if we intend to have weddings there. Like the main house it needs a fair bit of work doing to it but maybe you'd like to have a peak inside.

Right, here we are outside the chapel.

It started off life in the 16th century as a cow barn or beudy and was converted by the Rev John Parry, who some of you might have come across earlier in my blog, into a private chapel. It eventually became a listed building in 1968, which is one of the reasons why we haven't done anything to it yet. There's enough going on with the main house before tackling Listed Building Committees!

We'll just make our way inside now and I hope that those of you who are planning future weddings have come armed with plenty of imagination.

Now that you've had a chance to have a look around inside you'll notice that it has been left in a bit of a mess (this was taken the day we first saw it) but if the sofas aren't to your liking we can easily remove them.

Look up now though and be amazed that the ceiling is still in a reasonable condition, in fact the chapel is in far better condition than the main house!

We also have a few stained glass windows.

Now you've had a nosey inside we'll go back out and have another look round the outside of it.

If you look up at the window above the entrance door you'll notice the inscription on the slate. I have been well informed that this window was commissioned and dedicated to the memory of a lady who has a special place in the hearts of many Plasites and was known to them as Auntie Lena. Indeed those of you who went with me on the walk around the grounds earlier in my blog will have sat on her bench for a rest and to admire the view.

Moving on round to the back of the chapel you'll notice that due to the fact it's built on a hill, which isn't surprising considering it's in Snowdonia, there is a room underneath.

This is where the infamous bats hang out. Feel free to have a look inside yourselves but I'll just stay out here by the door because, as previous readers of my blog know, I don't get on very well with bats.

That's the end of our flying visit to the chapel. For those of you who have not been put off we are intending to reapply for a licence for civil ceremonies but there is a bit of work to be done to it before then. Also to obtain the licence we will have to refrain from calling it a chapel but until then I'll continue to do so because to all intents and purposes that is what it looks like!


  1. I'm sitting on Auntie Lena's bench and wondering why the chapel can't be called a chapel.? Interesting......isn't it.?

  2. Slide along the bench a bit and I'll tell you.

    The "powers that be" state that they won't licence a building for a civil wedding if the building has any connection with, or resembles, a religious building.

  3. isn't the view magnificent to-day...?

    Right then..is there a way round this ?It was/is a chapel. Was it consecrated would you know?

  4. Fantastic view - but a little breezy up here.

    It was deconsecrated many years ago and the previous owners did manage to get a licence for it, after they'd had to remove a cross from the roof!

  5. Hello Michelle,
    By way of introduction, my name is Jim Caunce and I was a Plasite from about 1961 (at the age of a few months old) to 1982 (ish) when the "delights" of cheap foreign holidays found me!! Some of your blog followers may know my name, I certainly recognise some of theirs.
    I think it's absolutely brilliant what you're doing at Plas, and I can't wait to come and visit when the work is completed, or maybe before completion if I happen to be in the area.
    I am also touched by your concern for the history and memory of Plas, particularly your comments about, and your way of dealing with, the memorials around the place to Auntie Lena. She really was a very special person and dear to the heart of every Plasite.
    With regard to the Chapel, we always affectionaltely knew it as "The Rec". Not because of the condition of the building, but more because that was the place where most of the evening entertainment (recreation) took place during a week's holiday. Saturday night was meeting new guests and "Fun and Games", Sunday we had a church service, Monday was more fun and games, Wednesday day time it was used for a table tennis tournament, Thursday night was concert night, and Friday was final fun and games followed by a midnight beanfeast. It probably doesn't sound much to people these days, but back then it was a great way to spend one, or if you were lucky, two weeks holiday.
    What has happened to the building behind the main house, up near what is, or was, the tennis court. It used to be called (N)Everest, and was basically a bunk house for most of the male guests?
    I look forward to your next blog, and the continuing renovation of a very special place.

  6. Thank you for answering. What a fascinating subject.
    No views to-day I'm afraid and the bench feels very damp. (Will bring a cushion next time.)

  7. It was your reply I was replying to ..Michelle.Very sunny now and oh the view..

  8. I'm looking for a venue for a wedding in late 2011/ 2012!, and am very interested i Plas y Nant!
    Are you taking bookings now?

  9. A committed Plasite from '55 to the early 60s these pictures of the 'Rec' conjure up the very best kind of memories, mostly of friends, both staff & guests, long gone, but never forgotten.
    Looking at these pictures brings back the unique warm and pleasant smell of the place, Not just an old building, not just the soft furnishings and slightly dusty cushions, but the all pervading smell of diesel fuel from the generator beneath, surely the bats arrived only after that noisy monster had been decommissioned!
    Very best of luck with your renovations.
    Colin Brown.
    PS does anybody remember Fred & Ruth's Honeymoon, they shared it with the 2nd week September gang in '68 I think- brave souls!
    catch me on:pointer.three(@@)@ntlworld.com
    pl remove(@@) to e-mail

  10. Correction-
    Oops the Honeymoon in question ( above) must have been in '58 not '68. slip of the finger or dementia- you decide!