9 May 2011

An overdue update

Right, that's looking better - I've dusted down the blog and blown away a few cobwebs as I've realised that an update is long overdue.  For me at the moment time is hurtling by, sometimes too fast (I'm currently updating my To Do list with jobs to do in November), yet the progress on site at Plas y Nant is going remarkably slowly.

We realised a couple of months ago that due to circumstances beyond our control we were not going to be in a position to be open for guests this summer. Therefore we had yet another meeting, this refurbishment seems to consist of meetings, and it was agreed that we would concentrate our efforts, and everyone else's concerned, on renovating what will become our own accommodation. We will then be able to move permanently into Plas y Nant quite soon and put an end to all the to-ing and fro-ing and camping out. Once this has taken place all our efforts, and everyone else's concerned, will be channelled back into finishing the main house ready to receive our first guests, hopefully early next year but don't hold me to that!

Where we will be living is currently in a very sorry state - but that should be no surprise considering the condition in which Plas y Nant was left.

It had been used as a bunkhouse and before that a set of garages and as you can see it looks a bit grim on the outside (just be grateful you can't see the inside). However, once we've added loads of insulation, new plumbing and electrics, new plaster, new kitchen and bathroom, a bit of paint and lots of imagination it will be lovely. 

When we were building our current house I was constantly being asked two things, the first question was were we going to be on Grand Designs and the second one was when were we going to move in. The answer to the first question was 'no' and my second answer was always 'Christmas'. We actually did move into our house the week before Christmas, however it was the second Christmas after I'd first been asked! This time, though, we are definitely going to be in by this Christmas - way before, in fact. I personally can't wait because first and foremost Plas y Nant is our home and from the day we first saw it we have spent a huge amount of time, effort and money to get where we are with it to date. It has all been worthwhile and I'm really looking forward to the day when the removal van arrives and we move in permanently.


  1. I have it on good authority that it was used as stables in its first life, then converted in to dorms for the christian endevor holiday home, it was then left to a sorry state after they left and i can remember the state it was in before the previous owner turned it into a bunk barn, part of which i helped out in painting. I spent a few good weekends there with many other people who did too, so it actually had a new lease of life upon it.

  2. In it's CE days it was called Everest.

    1. It was actually known as neverest on account of the high jinks which went on well into the night. It was the male dormitory and where the single men retired to after escorting the ladies on what was known as the "down and up" (i.e. a moon-lit walk down the main drive, along the main road towards Beddgelert for 100 yards and then up the bridle track coming back into the area around the front where we (the men) would serenade the ladies with the song "good night ladies, good night ladies, good night ladies, we're going to leave you now". We then marched up the hill to neverest singing "merrily we go along, go along, go along, merrily we go along – it’s time to go to bed.