11 May 2011

Will I be welcome to stay?

Oh hello, lovely to see you again. I'm just having a panad whilst going through a few odds and ends in the office but pull up a chair because seeing as you're here I'd just like to set your mind at rest, or maybe not depending on your view point.

Over the past few days I've received a few e-mails and Twitter comments asking if we were going to be mainly providing accommodation for people with Christian beliefs. I assume this is because Plas y Nant was once a Christian Endeavour holiday home. One comment in particular upset me as it was from a Twitter 'friend' who said that he had been looking forward to coming to stay with us but felt that he and his partner might not be made to feel welcome by other guests due to the fact that they were gay.  Now here we go, I'm about to step onto very dangerous ground here, and believe me I know how dangerous it is because I've walked on it before, but I do not want to be taken to court for discrimination before we even open.

I had fifteen years of a Catholic education and it was drummed into me that God, if he exists, made us all equal and this is one of the few beliefs that has stayed with me.  Plas y Nant was a Christian Endeavour holiday home, but it is no more. When we eventually open it as a small country house hotel we will welcome people from any organised religion as well as those with no religious beliefs. In fact, I've already had an enquiry for a humanist wedding. Everybody will be welcome to stay be they gay, lesbian or straight.  My only request is that everybody relaxes and enjoys themselves.