2 November 2011

Hard hats not necessary today

Peace and tranquility has returned to Plas y Nant as there's only me here waiting for the screed to arrive so it's an ideal opportunity for you to have another look at what's been going on. You needn't put your hard hat on today but just be careful where you put your feet.

As you can see the scaffolding has gone, the roof has been completed and we have new guttering. I know you're thinking that the roof looks the same as before and that's probably because we salvaged most of the original slates. Underneath all the slates there's now a layer of insulation above the rafters as well as insulation below - we do like to be warm.

We'll go in to the kitchen - no need to squeeze past a cement mixer this time.

At the end of your last visit I promised that you'd get to see pipes and wires the next time you called - and that's certainly what you'll see today.  All the underfloor heating has been laid and we're just waiting for the screed to be pumped in to cover it all up. Follow me up to our larder and utility room, try and walk on the red bits of the flooring rather than the pipes. It's a bit of a strange sensation but you'll get used to it by the time you've reached the other end!

You'll notice that all the showers have been removed from here but for some reason there's a noose hanging down. We'll make our way back through the kitchen into the living/dining room but first have a quick look out of the kitchen window. 

I love looking out of this window into the woods. Some of you may remember that this window was originally two small ones with frosted glass as this was where all the toilets were. We had them replaced with one larger window and it really has improved the room, mind you it also improved when the toilets were removed. Turn round carefully now on the egg boxes and you'll look through into the living room.

No, they haven't forgotten to plaster the corner. This is where our fireplace is going with a woodburning stove. 

It's going to be a corner inglenook fireplace so that it can be seen from the kitchen as well as the living room. I've chosen a lovely reclaimed oak beam to form the mantlepiece and I'm just so excited about it I can't stand still on this underfloor heating so we'd better go on through into the study. Stand with your back to the windows and you'll notice three little rooms in front of you.

From left to right we have a WC/cloakroom, my drying room and my airing cupboard. If you go through the middle door (reminds me of when I used to watch Play School) and turn to your right you'll find Spaghetti Corner.

This will eventually be the manifold for the underfloor heating and why this room is called my drying room. It'll be lovely and warm in here and on those rare days in Snowdonia when it rains I'll be able to hang up my washing, it'll dry in no time at all and soon find it's way to Mynydd Smwddio. If you come out of there now and turn to your left you can make your way into the bedroom.

As you can see the partitioning has now been completed to form the walk-in wardrobe and en-suite and if you stand in the corner and turn round you can see all the way down into the kitchen.

Well you've seen all there is to see at the moment - next time you come the underfloor heating will be covered up, maybe some second fixing will have taken place and hopefully the fireplace will have been constructed complete with the reclaimed oak beam. If you're very lucky the woodburner might even be lit. Till next time - hwyl fawr.


  1. It looks as if you have been really busy. I look forward to coming there again and seeing it all for myself. Xx

  2. Next time you come June don't forget to yell! Look forward to taking you on a real life guided tour! xx

  3. Lovely to see how your getting on renovating Plas Worked their from 1969 to 1973 so have many happy memories. best wishes & hope to visit you nezt year.