22 December 2011

Can't wait for Christmas!

Not many days left till we move into Bwthyn y Plas and I am so excited I can hardly cope with it all. There's plenty of work left to do and it certainly won't be finished when we move in but the builders are coming back in the New Year to finish it off and then we can restart work on the hotel.  By now I had hoped to have been able to take you on a tour of the finished cottage but, as I know from experience, my plans never work out as intended so I'll give you a quick tour of the kitchen and utility - avoiding the builders.

As you can see the kitchen has now been installed and we're just waiting for a false chimney breast to be built to house the extractor.

It looks a right mess at the moment, thanks to the builders, but it is a lovely handmade oak kitchen complete with oak worktop (which is currently covered with cardboard to protect it!). Below are a couple of pictures as it was just after installation before the cooker arrived.

We'll go on up into the utility room now - but try not to trip over the hoover.

This room is nearly complete - just needs a couple of cupboard doors, a few tiles and the washing machine and tumble dryer installing.

Well, unfortunately that's all I can show you at the moment as the rest of the place looks like a bomb's hit it. The builders finish work on Friday and I will then start cleaning it out and moving a few bits and pieces in. David has to work Christmas Eve so the day we're actually moving in is Christmas Day - and I really can't wait!

When we meet up again in the New Year hopefully it will look a lot different so all that's left now for me to say is Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd dda i chi!


  1. Love the kitchen units, the cooker and the fkoor. It's going to be stunning. I wish you a very Happy Christmas in your new home - the first of many.

  2. Thank you Enid, I'm itching to get in there and clean the floor - the slate looks lovely when it's clean! Happy Christmas to you too.

  3. Happy Christmas from the Plasites.

    Hope the move in goes well.

    Peter the Plasite

  4. Thank you Peter - look forward to meeting up with you again next year.

  5. It's looking lovely, and I hope you will have many years to enjoy it when you really get going. It's certainly vastly different from 50 years ago when it was all dormitory and Auntie Lena used to come round and tuck the boys up once a week!
    Best wishes for Christmas – or should that be Boxing Day?

  6. It looks amazing wishing you all the best for the big clean and moving xxx
    Ems a Gwenda