2 August 2010

Old Photos of Plas y Nant

I'd been advised to conjure up through my blog the sights, smells and sounds of Plas y Nant in the hope that one day people might wish to stay here. Unfortunately my previous blog at mydeco.com/people/Mustbemad/blog might have done the opposite! However, we're fortunate to have a collection of old photos taken way before it's demise and I often look through these to remind myself of what a wonderful building it was and what great potential it has. These can be found here http://www.francisfrith.com/betws-garmon/photos/1/


  1. Hi Michelle

    Peter here one of the Plasites.

    Been reading with interest the previous blog with interest.

    Hope your tree survey picked up on the bladder nut tree.

    Dangerous to mention photos to Plasites, we have hundreds between us!

    Arlington Court (National Trust property) might give you some ideas for the bats.

  2. Michelle Cattrall2 August 2010 at 18:31

    Hi Peter,

    I'm pleased you managed to find your way here from the old blog! Hopefully more Plasites will follow.

    I will re-read the survey and see if there is any mention of the bladder nut tree - it sounds, well, definitely unusual. Thanks as well for the advice about the bats.

    Hopefully we'll see you at Plas y Nant when it's finished - no doubt with photos!

  3. hi

    i stayed here with my youth club from nantwich, cheshire
    back in the mid 1970 just before the divorce of my parents

    i had the time of my life

    maybe one day i can go back
    and relive those happy days
    and happy memories

    all the best