26 August 2010

What did we do before the internet?

Sorry I haven't been on here for a while - I had hoped that my next post would be along the lines of "Yippee we've got planning permission!" but unfortunately my planner, like a lot of people at this time of year, has decided to go on holiday before finalising our application. Not very impressed - but never mind, all good things come to those who wait apparently - and I'm definitely waiting.

Whilst I've been waiting I've been quite busy on the interior design side of things.  I've been ordering wallpaper samples, choosing taps, choosing washbasins, ordering tile samples and most of this has been done using the internet.  It made me wonder how people managed without it in the past. When I built our house in Lincolnshire the vast majority of it was ordered on the internet (no it wasn't a flat-pack) and I joined an on-line forum for selfbuilders which helped me through many a tricky patch.  It's also brought me into contact with people I would never have met otherwise. Through Twitter I've managed to hang on to a little bit of sanity and I've received some welcome advice.  I've even tweeted with a Plasite who now lives in France. My OH is also relieved I now use Twitter, he says it cuts down on the amount he has to listen to. The cheek of him considering  it was his idea to turn Plas y Nant into a hotel and then handed it over to me to organise! From a comment I posted on a Facebook page I've received a tentative booking for a wedding later next year and of course I mustn't forget all the Plasites who managed to find my very first blog!

The internet certainly has made life easier in some ways. I'd just like now to be able to turn my "virtual" Country House into a real one please Mr Planner!

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